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Case studies

Case Study On Urgent Requests

A case study on urgent requests during Covid pandemic times in collaboration with Acino AG.



Understanding Supply Chain Transparency and Its Importance

Supply chain transparency is no longer an option but a necessity for companies that aim to establish trust with their…

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The Impact of Global Economic Trends on Pharma Finance

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Best Practices & Solutions for Pharma Supply Chain Disruptions

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Guides and whitepapers

Report: How AI will revolutionize the Pharmaceutical Industry

A report about current uses of AI in pharma, its potential applications, and how it could revolutionize the way the…

Strategies for Supplier Risk Management in Pharma

In this article, we’ll explore best practices and strategies for supplier risk management in the pharma industry, as well as…

How To Ensure Trustworthy Supplier Partnerships In Pharma

Pharma procurement faces unique supplier sourcing challenges. Reliable suppliers are critical for safe and effective products, but regulatory complexity makes…