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We are Qualifyze, and we’re building the trust layer for global supply chains.

The one that turns compliance into meaningful value, with human relationships at its core. We enhance connections between manufacturers, suppliers, and quality professionals through our digital solutions and data insights. Our goal is to help the global healthcare and pharma industries maintain high-quality and safety standards in their supply chains.

Our vision

What do we want to achieve?

As a company, for our stakeholders, we want to build the trust layer for global supply chains

Our mission

How are we going to achieve it?

Collecting actionable audit data from every supplier in the world, centralised within one digital platform.

How We Make the
Magic Happen

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Our Solutions

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Our values

People empowerment

We help individuals and teams grow by giving them ownership, trust, and responsibility.

At Qualifyze, we foster a culture where everyone feels confident to take action, make choices, and achieve great results, promoting personal growth and company success.

First-class execution

We pursue excellence in achieving tangible results and effective outcomes.

This value drives a culture of high performance, where the emphasis is on delivering actual, measurable results in every aspect of the business.

Continuous feedback

We encourage transparent and continuous bidirectional feedback.

Everyone can give and receive advice. It’s about having an ongoing conversation where we share ideas, and suggestions, making ourselves better all the time.

Lifelong growth

We promote ongoing personal and professional growth.

Every experience is a chance to grow. We love to try new things, learn new skills, and stay open to new ideas. This creates an atmosphere of advancement and innovation.

Collaborative diversity

We actively support the power of diversity, uniting complementary talents and perspectives to address new challenges.

Our collective strengths help us to find innovative solutions and turn difficulties into opportunities.

What we do​

We empower our 1000+ healthcare and pharma clients to achieve and maintain the highest quality standards across their supply chain. This is accomplished by allowing them to efficiently track, monitor, and forecast quality and sustainability compliance.

Enabled by the world’s largest GxP audit database, our solutions efficiently centralize compliance, quality data, and external information, enhanced with data analytics.

The secure, real-time capabilities of our cloud-based Audit Management Platform ensure access to crucial compliance data from anywhere, at any time.

Our executive team

The Qualifyze Leadership Team: We set strategy and solve together.
David Schneider, Founder & CEO

Dr. David Schneider
Founder & CEO

David Schneider
Founder & CEO

David brings 10+ years of experience working in investment banking (e.g., JP Morgan), Fortune 500 companies (e.g., BASF) and management consulting (e.g., McKinsey). Before joining Qualifyze, David worked at McKinsey supporting international clients in their digital and operational transformation. He also holds a PhD in Information Systems from the Technical University of Darmstadt (Germany).

At Qualifyze, David’s role is to build a platform enabling his core leadership team to scale the organization by defining priorities and setting the overall direction. He also manages relationships with key external stakeholders such as strategic business partners as well as investors.

David is passionate about building scalable solutions for the pharma industry and leads Qualifyze with a laser-sharp focus on our organisation’s ability to build the trust layer for global supply chains.

Carla Peraferrer
VP of Quality

Carla Peraferrer
VP of Quality

Carla has over 15 years experience with different key players of the pharma supply chain from community and hospital pharmacies, small compounding manufacturing laboratories to third-party audit services providers. As a pharmacist, this has given her a varied perspective of the industry’s challenges and the motivation to continuously build solutions to maintain compliance of the pharma supply chain. This is why she is passionate about reliable supplier qualifications for the last seven years.

At Qualifyze, she has built the Quality organization and processes from scratch. She is leading a continuously growing technical team in charge of maintaining the high-quality level of QF audit reports and serves as the common voice of more than 120 auditors worldwide. In addition, Carla is maintaining the internal QMS, based on the ISO 9001, to ensure that our processes are reliable and continuously improving further.

Martin Lehmann
Chief Product Officer

Martin Lehmann
Chief Product Officer

Martin brings 17 years of experience across the regulatory and risk compliance sectors, particularly within the B2B SaaS landscape. His extensive consultancy background at Oliver Wyman, where he advised financial institutions for 12 years, has endowed him with a deep insight into the complexities and challenges of regulatory compliance for global businesses. During his time as SVP of Products at TIS Martin significantly enhanced the Fintech's data and platform strategy and drove post-M&A product integration and the company's US expansion from a product perspective.

He’s a great communicator, and his ability to rapidly assimilate and act upon new information makes him an invaluable member of Qualifyze’s leadership team. His risk management expertise, combined with a structured and analytical approach to problem-solving, is helping him broaden our product offerings, extending our value proposition into new areas such as strategic compliance and supply chain risk management.

Oscar Ganuza
Chief Commercial Officer

Oscar Ganuza
Chief Commercial Officer

Oscar brings more than 20 years of solid experience in growing and fine-tuning commercial operations within the B2B SaaS sector, with notable stints at industry giants like Logitech and TomTom. His work at these companies has given him a broad international perspective and deep market insights.

Known for his hands-on and savvy approach, Oscar excels in building streamlined processes and using data-driven strategies to guide decision-making. His leadership is marked by his ability to bring together diverse teams, creating a unified and high-performing environment.

At Qualifyze, Oscar plays a pivotal role as he leads our three main commercial growth pillars: customers, suppliers, and marketing. His leadership helps Qualifyze elevate our market position and ensure that we deliver consistent value to our stakeholders.

Simon Rahause
VP of Finance

Simon Rahause
VP of Finance

Simon is a strategic and hands-on financial decision-maker with 5+ years experience. He worked in investment banking and financial services at HSBC and KPMG, private equity at Ardian, and consulting (e.g., Siemens Management Consulting), holding a master’s double degree in management from Mannheim University and NHH Bergen. He lived in five countries, including the US, Ireland, and Thailand. Joining Qualifyze very early-stage, Simon has developed central functions across the organization to scale Qualifyze into the strong company it is today.

At Qualifyze, he leads the finance, accounting, legal, people & culture and business intelligence functions, enabling the company to scale compliantly and sustainably by automating internal processes with the latest technology. Simon pursues to generate data-driven insights from key financials and company metrics to increase collaboration and trust among management and functions.

Verónica Padilla
Chief of Staff

Verónica Padilla
Chief of Staff

Verónica is an arranger and natural mediator with 15+ years of experience coordinating projects in different industries, from not-for-profit organizations to higher education institutions. She holds a Master's degree in Sociology from London City University, has lived in China and the UK, and is currently living in Barcelona. Thanks to the experience gained working in multidisciplinary teams in different industries; Veronica developed unique team motivation, coordination, and cooperation skills that are key to her current role as Chief of Staff.

Joining Qualifyze at a very early stage, Veronica built Qualifyze's business operations as Operations Manager, moving to Head of Operations with the scaling-up of the organization. As their current Chief of Staff, she manages the strategic planning and implementation of the executives' targets, driving company KPIs and OKRs while motivating and coordinating staff members to work together effectively and efficiently across departments.