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Join Qualifyze’s global network of GxP-expert auditors and support our journey to make the healthcare industry safer and more sustainable. Want to join our auditor network? This is how it works.

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Upon submission of the CV, it is reviewed to evaluate if it meets our minimum requirements:

  • Educational background in life science or justified long experience in the industry
  • Strong experience in the healthcare industry
  • Experience in performing audits with consistent records in the last 3 years
  • Evidence of relevant and accredited auditor training or justified experience in auditing with experienced inspectors
  • Good level of English (written and spoken)


Through a self-assessment questionnaire, we evaluate your personal behavior, skills, and information about the type and number of audits conducted.


We evaluate personal behavior and communication skills, test knowledge in auditing and GxP concepts, and verify the information given in the questionnaire through a video interview.
03 - interview

Sample report review

As a last step, you will be asked to provide a written sample report in English to assess your writing skills, GxP knowledge and alignment to Qualifyze’s approach to audits.

You are part of our team, and we will make you feel exactly like that.

Join us in revolutionizing supplier qualification alongside our team of energetic, personable experts and online audit-management platform
Qualifyze takes care of the coordination with auditees and customers, making sure all stakeholders are aligned and all needs are met.

Qualifyze takes care of the CAPA follow-up, allowing you to focus all your energy on the audit report.

Benefit from continuous support from our team of quality professionals and the know-how from our pool of auditors.

By working with local, in-country auditors whenever possible we avoid long travel times, minimize CO2 emissions and ensure more efficient audit logistics, while reducing language and cultural barriers.

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auditors from around the world.

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At Qualifyze, we try to work with local auditors. This helps us to avoid last-minute changes due to travel restrictions and allows audits, where possible, to be conducted in local languages to help facilitate smoother communication between auditors and auditees. In this sense, in most cases, you will be offered audits in your own country or region.
We understand that an auditor can only carry out about one audit per week. That means the workload would be between 1 and 4 audits per month, depending on the auditor’s suitable experience and the volume of audits.
When discussions begin around audit details with the auditor, a general rate for one-day audits is agreed upon, as well as a special fee for every additional day. These fees consider the preparation, execution, report writing, and review process.
Qualifyze covers all costs incurred during the audit execution as long as they are reasonable and directly connected with the audit. Specific guidelines for expenses are agreed upon when signing the contract.
The most suitable auditor is allocated based on the site location, audit profitability, auditor qualification, expertise, and availability.
The first step is to upload your CV here. If your CV meets our minimum requirements, you will complete a questionnaire to give us a more detailed overview of your experience. After that, you will be invited to an interview to evaluate personal behavior and communication skills, verify information provided in the SAQ, test knowledge in auditing, and acquire additional information if needed. In the last step, you will need to provide a redacted sample audit report from a previous audit experience. Once all this information has been collected, a final assessment will be made to confirm your qualifications and the areas for which you will be qualified. For more detailed information about the auditor application process, please visit our Auditor page here.