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Make an impact in the industry

Join our global team of qualified auditors and revolutionize supplier qualification with us.

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Matching audits to you

We provide you with audits that fit your expertise and qualification.

Best working conditions

As a Qualifyze freelancer, you receive competitive compensation while still being able to work on your other business projects.

Full focus on auditing

We enable you to focus on your audit reports' quality with our automated & streamlined processes.

Auditors at work

Trusted by over 300 companies

How to become a Qualifyze Auditor

Step 1 and 2

Curriculum Vitae review

Your CV is examined to see if minimum requirements are met. Indicators for this are level of English, experience in the industry, continuous training, and conducting audits.


Through a self-assessment questionnaire, we evaluate your personal behavior, skills, and information about the type and number of audits conducted.

Step 3 and 4


We evaluate personal behavior and communication skills, test knowledge in auditing, and verify the information given in the questionnaire in an interview.
After the interview, you will need to provide a written sample report in English to prove writing skills and audit experience.


Finally, qualified auditors will continuously be evaluated. This includes a review of reports through the Qualifyze standards and might include onsite audits conducted together with our team or additional interviews, additional training, and participation in webinars.

What others say about us

We chose Qualifyze because of their reliable customer service and the good quality of the audit reports at a fair price. Our requests were handled with flexibility and willingness to compromise.

Dr. Ralf Grulke

Head of Quality Unit

Dr. Pfleger - Customer

Covering audit needs globally

With offices in Frankfurt and Barcelona, we do on-demand audits in any country — with over 30 already covered.

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