Webinar: 2022 in Review.
What we learned from 1000+ audits

Join our VP of Quality and Head of Quality at Qualifyze as they share their insights and learnings from 2022, as well as their predictions for 2023 and beyond. 

Who will enjoy this webinar:

  • Pharmaceutical quality consultants.
  • Quality managers in pharmaceutical companies.
  • Members of regulatory and compliance teams in the healthcare sector.
  • Investors and analysts in the pharmaceutical industry
Technologist in protective white suit with hairnet and mask standing in food factory.

Webinar agenda

  1. Remote audits
    Their impact on the audit cycle and the future of off-site audits
  2. Frequently asked questions
    What they tell us about our industry
  3. Large supplier audits
    The struggles, the process, the solutions
  4. The year of the supplier
    Finding the sweet spot between support and impartiality
  5. Reactivity and flexibility
    And why it’s crucial to future-proofing our business model
  6. Audit standard trends
    What did we notice, and what do we predict?
  7. Auditor network growth
    And how it shows us we’re on the right track

Our speakers

Qualifyze - Headshots - Carla

Carla Peraferrer

VP of Quality at Qualifyze
Qualifyze - Headshots - Cesc

Cesc Muñoz

Head of Quality at Qualifyze

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