Case study on
Urgent Requests

A case study on urgent requests during Covid pandemic times in collaboration with Acino AG.


The Covid-19 pandemic forced pharmaceutical companies to postpone audits. A constantly changing environment developed into various situations and health measures in different countries. Fast changes were not only happening at a country-level but also for certain cities like Vienna and Madrid.

Step 01


  1. Travel limitations
  2. Tight time frames
  3. Quality control
Step 01
Step 02


  1. Flexible and dynamic ways of working
  2. Local, experienced auditors
  3. Strict quality control
Step 02
Step 03


Qualifyze considered all the individual needs and requirements of Acino and provided excellent auditing solutions. Acino also received a high-quality audit report, and decided to commission more audits from Qualifyze in Egypt and Dubai. Qualifyze helped Acino because of its fast adaptability to the situation at hand.
Step 03

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