Case study on The Digitalization of Large, Complex Audit Demands

A case study in collaboration with Aenova Group.


Aenova Group was looking for a 3rd party audit provider to support their SPOC audit management structure and increased number of audits. They also required more transparency regarding their cross-site audit processes.

Step 01


  1. SPOC audit management structure
  2. Increased number of audits
  3. Complex group structure
Step 01
Step 02


  1. A global auditor network
  2. Centralized communication
  3. Tech solutions to improve efficiency
Step 02
Step 03


Qualifyze helped support Aenova's SPOC strategy by developing specific new features on their audit management platform, centralizing and streamlining cross-site communication, implementing more automation, and providing high-quality service to Aenova's team to help them improve transparency and efficiency.
Step 03

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A case study on the digitalization of large, complex audit demands in collaboration with Aenova Group.