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All audit requests in one place

Track the status of your audit requests in real time so that you always know which audits you have initiated, their progress and where your input is required.

Manage your audits effectively

Manage all your audits through an intuitive overview. No matter whether the information is related to the audit request (supplier, products, etc.), documents, contact persons or CAPAs - here you have all the information at your fingertips.
More Features

Instant pricing

Registered users can see the price for each audit instantly. Regardless of whether you are interested in a new, already planned or existing audit report, you can instantly inform yourself about the costs and make an efficient decision.

Request audits within seconds

Since your data is stored during the registration, you can place future audit requests with even less effort. In addition, your requests will be processed much faster due to the information already available.

All audit documents directly available. Anytime.

A central place to store your audit documentation. All documents are stored in a secure place and always available for download. New audit documents are immediately available and you can access them anytime from anywhere.

Request offers for multiple audits - with one click!

You know exactly which audits you need and have collected them in one document? If you are registered, you can simply upload this document and we will take care of the rest. After a couple of minutes, you can follow the progress of the requested audits and view our offers.

Stay tuned for planned audits

Always stay up to date for audits already scheduled by Qualifyze and directly request to join those. Thereby you can reduce the cost and hassle of organizing audits on your own and simply join scheduled audits.
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Manage supplier contact details centrally

Manage the contact details of your suppliers and manufacturers centrally in one place. This will help you save time in case of questions or follow-ups and speed up the audit planning process
Data security and privacy
All data collected is treated confidentially under our privacy policy and will not be shared or sold to third parties. Any data shared is encrypted with AES-256 and stored on multiple servers for continuously availability . The data centers used for this purpose are SOC 1, SOC 2 and ISO 27001 certified.