Webinar: Flexible, resilient supply chains of the future

Learn from our speakers, Dr. David Schneider and Timo Fleßner about the supply chains of the future and why flexibility and resilience are more important than ever.

Who will enjoy this webinar:

  • Procurement and Sustainability Managers.
  • Quality managers in pharmaceutical companies.
  • Members of regulatory and compliance teams in the healthcare sector.
  • Investors and analysts in the pharmaceutical industry.

Webinar agenda

  1. Trends and learnings
    From previous and coming years.
  2. Challenges
    The biggest challenges supply chains will face in the future.
  3. Transformation and best-practises
    Which companies have done it right, and how.
  4. How can your company achieve better flexibility
    How data, tech, strategic partnerships can help build more resilient and flexible supply chains.

Our speakers


David Schneider

Founder and CEO - Qualifyze
Webinar - Guest pictures

Timo Fleßner

Head of Global API Production - Bayer

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