How To Reduce Your Audit Burden With Qualifyze

Conducting and planning audits is a time-consuming, expensive task. Learn about how working with Qualifyze can help make your life easier with our data-driven auditing solutions.

Audits are a necessity for customers and play a vital role in supplier qualification. Preparing and accommodating for audits is a complex, costly and time-consuming process. Receiving audits from different entities implies incremented dedication and commitment when you, as a supplier, have an extensive network of customers. Our objective is to help you to satisfy your customer’s requirements and at the same time optimize your audit planning and preparation.

Our shared audit model

Qualifyze organizes a growing number of shared audits, grouping multiple customers and compiling their individual audit requirements in one facility visit. Due to the higher re-use of quality data, the overall number of supplier audits is minimized. This leads to significant cost reduction for all industry stakeholders. Of course, data sharing always needs to be approved by you. We channel several customer requests while fulfilling your customers’ individual needs and requirements with your approval. This way, we can handle multiple customer requests into one single shared audit.

Why conduct a shared audit?

One of the most significant impacts that a shared audit can bring to your facility is that the total number of audits will be considerably lower than programming audits in a conventional way. Besides, this will guarantee the site’s production line will face less interference considering the days scheduled for different audits have been equally decreased. Additionally, we extend our service by handling every step of the audit cycle for you. We cover agenda planning, scheduling, and communication with each of your customers. Instead of talking to every customer, you can use one single point of contact and ensure all of your customers receive all the needed information. This also includes any CAPA updates. After getting the updates from you, we channel them to the respective customers.

We provide you full transparency of the report and the information we share with your customers. You, as a supplier, will receive the full audit report once it is available as part of our service, instead of a summary only. With the full report, you can take the chance to learn what you could improve. Additionally, you are fully aware of all information your customers receive. The maximum transparency we deliver is one of the critical elements that make Qualifyze stand out from other third-party audit service providers in the industry.

Quality control at Qualifyze

Qualifyze audit reports follow strict quality control procedures before and after an audit is carried out. Our auditors receive a clearly structured report template beforehand. Once the audit is successfully performed, the draft report is reviewed by our Quality department to ensure only the highest quality is being delivered. Each individual customer receives a customized audit report tailored to their requirements – regardless of the number of sponsors participating in an audit. After completing the audit, we can resell the report to other customers. We issue the dedicated copy after your approval. You can reinforce this process by referring your customers to us.

Why partner with Qualifyze?

One of our most successful partnerships is with the supplier Zhejiang Huahai Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., based in China. We audited two of their sites last year, and thanks to their proactivity and organization, we were able to audit them both within four days. The manufacturer sent across many supporting documents in advance to the auditor that significantly aided the audit’s preparation. Additionally, the supplier shared their insights on which products could be covered in the 4-day audit scope to accommodate as many sponsors’ needs as possible.

After completing the audit, Zhejiang Huahai continues to redirect their customers to Qualifyze to obtain the recently-completed report. This saves them a considerable amount of time and resources by not having to accommodate new audits on a one-on-one basis which will most likely cover the same products. Zhejiang Huahai is quick to approve these requests, which helps their customers complete their supplier evaluation with ease. The perfect preparation led to reselling the report to 33 customers after the audit.

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