Your audit needs solving in minutes, not days

Request, manage, access reports from a free, easy to use, no-setup needed platform. For you and your whole team. 

Your audit needs solved in minutes, not days

Request, manage, access reports from a free, easy to use, no-setup needed platform. For you and your whole team. 

One place to Request audits Manage audits Share audits with all your colleagues

Less spreadsheets

All your audit needs in one place, with immediate status updates and open tasks so you never miss a beat. An easy way to send your audit requests – ready to be shared with your colleagues.

Less Spreadsheets
Less searching for information

Less searching for information

Always know where to access, upload and store your audit-related documentation. A sharable repository for all your document – from contracts to final reports, CAPAs and more, available to your entire team. 

Less writing emails

Receive immediate updates in your inbox at every stage of the audit process. Use our dashboards to stay up-to-date with the progress of your audits – for you, and everyone in your organization.

Less writing emails

More time doing
what matters

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Interested in the healthcare industry's largest audit database?

Access over 1,000 audit reports available for purchase from our audit library. Create a free account for instant quotes and digital contract signature.

You can request a new audit, join a planned one or purchase an existing report, with ease. Get the audit you need, when you need it, with minimum effort.

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A collaborative tool: work with your team through every step of the auditing process

Share and control your access to audits with your colleagues via an easy to use interface. 

We make the process as smooth as possible, allowing invited users to access all details of the reports, comment on draft reports, CAPAs and use all other benefits of our digital platform.

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Need to control hundreds of audits at different sites or entities?

Within our platform you can easily group, manage, and access audits from different teams without hindering their work and progress.

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Review, comment, approve and download your audit reports whenever you need to, with maximum security.

Once the audit has been executed, you can review, add comments, and approve the draft, all in one place. No more fumbling around with paperwork or email threads. Access your audit reports whenever, wherever, and forever, through our secure audit platform.

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Stay informed and follow the status of your audits in real-time with your team.

Tired of chasing deadlines or requesting audit status updates? Receive email alerts at every step of the process and know exactly where your audit is at all times. Say goodbye to the guessing game and enjoy complete transparency over the status of your audit, in real-time, via our platform.

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Using a QMS, SAP or have any other special requirements for invoicing?

We adapt to the characteristics of your organization. Specify your invoice requirements in your own billing data book. You can also connect with your QMS or SAP through the purchase order number, the invoice number and download the audit report to include it on your own system.

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Sign contracts with ease!

We make your contract signing processes easier, safer, legally-binding, and eco-friendly. Through our integrated solution, you can digitally sign contracts without the need to download, print and upload. Or do it the old fashioned way – the choice is yours.