Market Intelligence

A new ally in regulatory compliance trend forecasting

Our database offers a reliable ranking of references, ensuring a 100% match with the Top 5 FDA Inspection Observations.

Market Intelligence benefits

Identify quality risks across the industry

Quality industry risk overview
Use low-high risk sections to immediately identify geographical areas that may pose quality risks in your supply chain, whether for new or existing suppliers.

It will help you in:

Discover audit success and compliance trends

Industry observations summary
Improve your audit preparation. Be on top of inspection observation trends to identify site-specific risk areas, particularly regarding critical and major observations.

Data points you’ll find:

Find the countries with the best CAPA behavior

CAPA closure time, CAPA plan response time and CAPA adequacy
Monitor CAPA processes and identify regions with the best supplier behaviour to improve the overall reliability of your products and services.

What you can analyze:

Business expansion and diversification

Identify the most GxP compliant locations to strategically expand into new markets, diversify your supplier base, and reduce potential risks.

Cost of Poor Quality reduction

Detect common issues and severity scores in different regions. Maintain constant improvement in your supply chain with targeted feedback.

CAPA adequacy assessment and improvement

Discover locations that meet  your quality expectations and areas of improvement for a stronger and more effective quality management system.

Streamlined procurement processes

Reduce time and manual efforts when searching and evaluating new or backup suppliers, and enhance your overall supply chain efficiency and reliability.

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