Qualifyze’s Whistleblowing Channel

Qualifyze is committed to integrity and compliance with the laws and we expect our employees and collaborators to act in accordance with Qualifyze’s conduct and ethics rules.

We highly encourage people to present any report in case of any concerns or suspicion of mal practices as soon as possible through Qualifyze’s Internal Information System (“Whistleblowing Channel”) established in line with the European regulation and Spanish national law (“Law”.)

The Personio communication channel is accessible 24×7, you can also use any of the following communication channels:


Direct access to our Qualifyze Personio Profile

Slack (internal)

Laura Grabolosa
Rosa de Antonio


Sala a1, Pabellón de Manel, Recinto Modernista de Sant Pau, Calle Sant Antoni Maria Claret, 167, 08025, Barcelona, Spain

Face to face

Laura Grabolosa
Rosa de Antonio

If you receive a report by mistake, please send it to the Case Managers and immediatelly delete it from your records.

The reports will be subjet to the following procedure:


No retaliation.


Acknowledgement of receipt in 7 days.


Case Manager will determine if it is relevant.


Additional information, contact the involved person or organise a meeting.


Update whisleblower about results, inform Simon Rahause if corrective actions are needed.

For more information, please visit our Whistleblowing Channel SOP and Whistleblowing Privacy Policy.