Our integrity and impartiality commitment

Qualifyze’s Impartiality Policy outlines our commitment to impartiality, independence and integrity in conducting third-party audits.

Impartiality is fundamental to the integrity and credibility of our audit services and reputation. Our annually reviewed Impartiality policy is designed to ensure that our audit processes and our activities as a company are conducted objectively, without any undue influence, and that all stakeholders can have confidence in the fairness and integrity of our services.

Therefore, our policy of independence is based on three main principles:

To guarantee impartiality, Qualifyze conducts regular risk assessments to identify and evaluate potential threats. Our assessment considers both internal and external factors that may affect the ability to provide impartial audit services.

In general, we identify any organization or individual that may pose a risk to our independence, impartiality and integrity, and we conduct regular checks and monitoring to resolve any conflicts that may arise.

Our policies and control activities apply to all personnel and are controlled annually to ensure their ongoing relevance and effectiveness, being exposed to new revisions in case we need to address changes in the business environment, regulations, or industry standards.

Our key integrity measures

We implement rigorous standards to safeguard data security and audit integrity

Access to sensitive information

Sensitive data from clients and auditees is accessible only to authorised individuals in our systems, maintaining confidentiality and integrity throughout the entire organization.

Departmental focus and independence

Our departments are focused on their core competencies. For example, we keep audit operational functions separate from sales tasks to safeguard each department’s responsibilities.

Auditor adherence to ISO 19011

Our auditors undergo a meticulous qualification before joining our network.

We assess them in line with the requirements of ISO 19011 to ensure global standards of audit quality.

Required legal documentation

Before running any audits with us, our auditors worldwide must read, understand and sign three key legal documents: Framework Agreement, Declaration of Independence and Code of Conduct.

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