Case study on the
Qualifyze platform

A case study on the benefits of the Qualifyze platform in collaboration with Streuli Pharma AG.


A Swiss pharmaceutical company producing sterile and non-sterile pharmaceuticals was looking for a third party audit provider. They wanted a company that could become a reliable partner to take over and improve the management of their external supplier qualification process.

Step 01


  1. Selecting a 3rd party audit provider they could trust
  2. Enhancing their supplier qualification process
  3. Finding an audit provider with an attractive, transparent pricing model and established experience
Step 01
Step 02


  1. Centralised all audit-related activities
  2. Searched for suppliers and monitored their planned or existing audits
  3. Optimised their audit planning budget
Step 02
Step 03


Streuli Pharma faced the reality that getting a date at a supplier’s site is not always easy, and the process can get messy with so many stakeholders involved in the process. For a small company, this is especially difficult. By partnering with us, it was easier for Streuli Pharma to get an audit date, execute their audit, and finally, receive their high-quality audit report.
Step 03

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