Advantages Of Our Platform For Our Customers

Our audit management platform provides easy, transparent management for all the audits you conduct with Qualifyze, in real time. Read out blog today about how it works.

Our user-friendly platform maintains the confidentiality of our customers’ data, offers fast availability of audit reports, and is free of charge. Our customers can save time and resources by requesting audits through the platform that we plan and conduct for them. Learn more about the Qualifyze platform in this article.

When an audit is needed, you can place a request by searching the supplier by name and location on our platform. You will see if there is already an existing audit available or a shared audit planned. You can either choose one of these two options or commission a new audit. If already logged into the platform a price will be shown when providing further information about the needed audit. The user interface changes to a dark green color when logged in.

Once you have logged into the platform you will see our user-friendly interface that will help you manage your audits and requests. There are different tabs to easily navigate to the required information or action. In the “Open Audits” tab, you will see all audits that have been requested and are currently in planning or already conducted but the report is not finished yet. Filter options help to sort out audits that require any action from you. Furthermore, a green outline on the left side of the audit box shows that action is needed. The box will also show the status of the audit.

When clicking on an open audit, all details of the audit will appear in a new section. You will see the whole process and a progress bar of the audit once the contract is signed. Also, the interface provides different tabs. An overview shows the current step or if you have to take action and which kind. Other tabs will show all related documents, contacts of the parties involved, or the CAPAs. All information about the audit and related documents are placed in this details section. You can download the finished report, as well as the CAPAs in PDF format.

Back in the main interface, the second tab is named “Completed Audits”. In this tab you can go through all audits you have been requested at Qualifyze that provide the finalized report. Clicking on one of the audits, you will get back to the detailed section of the audit with all information and documents. The third tab in the main interface is named “All Qualifyze Audits.” You can search for existing and planned audits to purchase a report or join a shared audit. The last tab is the profile section where you can fill in your company’s information to save time when requesting an audit. Furthermore, a bell icon is integrated into the top bar of the platform. This is a notification center that indicates what actions have to be taken on the different audits. It is filtered by action needed and will link to the detailed section of the audit you click on.

The platform automatically creates a contract when all information is provided. Also, you will get a notification via email when the process gets to the next step. Whenever help is needed with the platform our reliable customer service is available and happy to help. With our platform, we provide you with transparency throughout the whole process from start to finish.

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