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New platform features

It has been a busy month for the Qualifyze product team as we continue developing our auditing platform. It has never been easier for our customers to get the audit they need and ensure the compliance of their entire supply chain to GxP and sustainability audit requirements. From pharma to food and beyond.

Boris Mihov

Boris Mihov

October 5, 2021

New platform features

On that quest for quality of life improvements for our customers, auditors and suppliers, we have a simple dream: Get a bit of rest from constant emails and throw out your printers. It saves not only time but also the rainforest. 

As a small step for our platform, but a big step in regards to how audits are done, one thing we’ve released recently is a new piece of functionality that enables you to…

...never have to print a contract anymore.

You can now easily sign the contracts for your audit request with a few simple clicks in our app. And your contract is ready as soon as you place your request, so this has never been more instantaneous. 

Another huge time saver relates to how we make sure that you, our customers, get any comments you might have on the drafts of the audit reports you get before we put the final signature. We are pretty happy to report that you...

...never have to download documents or email us your comments on audit report drafts.

Image of the feature draft report review - pending

You have an interface where you can instantly add any comments on these drafts inside our app. There is no need to download documents, open Adobe Acrobat or other 3rd party software, or send emails. You can underline, write, draw, annotate - all with a few clicks, and it reaches our team immediately.

Image of report reviewing interface

If you are already one of our happy customers and want to share any of your experiences, pain points or nice words for our platform - we are always looking for your feedback. 

And if you want to join over 600 companies that get their quality and sustainability audits done most efficiently and painlessly, there is - drop us a line or give us a call.

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