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Case Study on benefits of the Qualifyze platform

A case study on benefits of the Qualifyze platform in collaboration with Streuli Pharma AG.

Nina Martin

Nina Martin

January 20, 2021

Case Study on benefits of the Qualifyze platform

"The Qualifyze platform is leading in comparison to its competitors. I can find all the needed information quickly."

- Peter Gubser, Specialist Quality Assurance, Streuli Pharma AG


Streuli Pharma AG is a Swiss pharmaceutical company producing sterile and non-sterile pharmaceuticals with more than 150 years of history. Peter Gubser, Specialist Quality Assurance at Streuli Pharma, was looking for a third party audit provider to become a reliable partner taking over the external supplier qualification. This way he aimed to enhance supplier qualification for his company. During an internet search, his attention was brought to the audit provider Qualifyze. The key to getting started with Qualifyze was the attractive and transparent pricing model they could offer plus the impressive customer base they already worked with. Additionally, Qualifyze operates a platform for supplier audits that is easy to use, as he quickly realized.

Key Question

How did Peter Gubser’s work-life change through Qualifyze and its platform for supplier audits?


After he came across Qualifyze during his research, Gubser talked with Managing Partner Florian Hildebrand from Qualifyze over the phone. Peter Gubser liked the business model and supported the platform idea right away. To convince himself of the quality of the reports, he commissioned an audit with Qualifyze. Quickly after that, the cooperation was largely extended because Streuli Pharma was satisfied with the quality. Qualifyze made Gubser’s work easier because he got quick responses from their good customer service. The outsourcing was less expensive than internal auditors conducting the audits.

Peter Gubser also started using the platform and found it intuitively structured, well designed, functional, and clear. He was immediately convinced of the platform because he could search for suppliers and see what is planned or existing. This helped a lot in the procurement process. His highlight of the platform feature: Within two clicks he was able to see the current status of the purchased audit. This way the progress is always visible to the customer. The platform made a research for Streuli Pharma very easy and speeded up the process.

Requesting audits through the platform, keeping track of the current status, and downloading all related documents is not the only way to use the platform. Streuli Pharma took the opportunity offered by Qualifyze to share its own audit reports through the platform. This way the costs of having own auditors conducting audits can be balanced by reselling the report. As a result, overall audit tourism can be reduced and resources can be saved.


Streuli Pharma faced the reality that getting a date at a supplier’s site is not always easy, because some have an auditor of choice. For a small company, this is especially difficult. Together with Qualifyze, it was easier to get an audit date through their shared audit approach.

From Gubser’s point of view, sharing data is a big advantage. APIs used by Streuli Pharma are well known. Sharing quality data can help in making improvements to the product. Data sharing can help to make supply chains more transparent and safe. In Gubser’s opinion, it can have disadvantages as well as benefits. When sharing quality data, competitors might see where a company buys its supplies. With Qualifyze this risk can be eliminated as all parties get an individual report with their own requirements. The advantage of data sharing however is that audit tourism can be reduced and companies have more resources for their business.

"I welcome a new, dynamic partner in the audit business, which challenges the established providers with innovations, good quality, and attractive prices."

- Peter Gubser, Specialist Quality Assurance, Streuli Pharma AG

Download the full case study here.

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